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About The Library Federation

In 1972, the libraries of the villages united to form a working “federation” composed of Latham and Peabody public libraries, the Historical Society Library, the Thetford Academy Library, and the Elementary School Library. The Federation’s two public libraries have 2,156 members.

The goal of federation was to create a unified system for the whole town. Books are shared by the libraries. The five member libraries enjoy the benefits of a plan of service that encourages complementary collections and programs tailored to fit groups active in each member library. New materials are bought on a staggered schedule so fresh titles are offered when they are most in demand. Reference materials are also purchased in a staggered fashion so that current reference materials are always available somewhere in town. The public librarian carries the books between sites. This Federation of libraries is unique in Vermont.

Thetford Historical Society Library

The Historical Society Library opened in 1975 with the construction of the Bicentennial Building. It contains about 3,000 volumes. It is one of the few Historical Society libraries in Vermont with its holdings on file at the State Historical Society

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George Peabody Library, Post Mills
Peabody Library


Library Federation Hours:

Latham Library

Thetford Bicentennial Building 16 Library Road Thetford, VT  05074

  • Mon: 2pm– 8pm
  • Tue: 2pm– 5pm
  • Wed: 10am –5pm
  • Thur: 2pm– 8pm
  • Fri: 10am– 5pm
  • Sat 10am– 1pm

George Peabody Library

7922 VT Route 113 Post Mills (Junction of Routes 113 and 244)

  • Tuesday:  5pm-8pm
  • Wednesday: 2pm – 8 PM
Latham Library on Thetford Hill in Autumn
Latham Library and Thetford Historical Society Bicentennial Building

Thetford Academy Library

Mon-Fri: 7am-4pm

Computer Lab Hours Mon-Thur 7:20 AM – 4:00 PM Fri: 7:20 AM – 3:00 PM


Hughes Barn Museum

2274 Route 113
Thetford, VT  05074