TEN (Thetford Elder Network)


We are a group of community volunteers who meet monthly to plan and organize programs and assistance for seniors.

We work closely with the Thetford Senior and Affordable Housing Committee:

1)    To enable members of our community, of all ages, to remain in Thetford in the face of changing conditions or circumstances.

2)    To allow people to stay in their homes as long as possible.

3)    To integrate senior housing into the life of the community and fabric of the town.   To balance values such as self-reliance, privacy, thrift, and access to needed services including health care.




We offer a monthly luncheon for older folks.   Home meal delivery can be arranged.


We maintain a list of volunteers who offer rides to seniors.


We walk every Friday morning for fitness and fun.   Time and place are coordinated with abilities and the weather.



We help with chores, home needs and firewood are offered from our list of volunteers.

We also have a list of recommended services for seniors and can help find information from other organizations.


All our programs encourage participation in the social life of the community.


Here is a list of services and the Members of the board

Jody Biddle – Chair 785-4508

Dale Gephart – Vice Chair 333-9748

Sue Gault – Secretary 785-2805

Inge Trebitz – Volunteers 785-2129

Sue Rump – Walking Group and Lunch Program 785-4029

Betty Campbell – SAHC Representative and Lunch Program 785-2407

Priscilla Hall – Community Nurse of Thetford Inc. Liaison 333-4077

Cathy Newbury – Senior Lunch Program 785-3136

Martha Daum – Senior Lunch Program 603-643-2583

Linda Baccei – West Fairlee Representative 333-9341


E-mail can be sent to


TEN Steering Committee Meeting

Latham Library



Minutes of January 9, 2017, 10:00

Present:  Bill Huff, Dale Gephart (via Skype), Inge Trebitz, Jody Biddle, Susan Gault, Betty Campbell, Pril Hall, Linda Baccei, and Susan Rump

Jody called the meeting to order at 10:04.

Pril now has the key to the library for every meeting so we will continue meeting there.

Jody will let Tracy know that we will not be meeting in the town hall.

The December minutes were approved as written.

Committee Reports:

Sr Luncheon:  Sue Gault reported that the December luncheon was a success with about 60 people. Donations were down a little. The food was appreciated as was the musical program.

Jody called the cook who prepares the weekly meal in South Strafford at Barrett Hall.  Jody will follow up to learn how they handle their business.

Volunteers:  Inge had one call.

Walking:  Big turn outs continue in spite of weather and holidays.  Fourteen people came last Friday, for example.

Community Nurse:  Pril reported.

Senior and Affordable Housing:  No Meeting.  Dale provided info about what is happening.

OCT: Linda was at the last meeting and reported.  Jody was also at the meeting.

Coffee Klatch:  Mostly younger seniors attend the coffee klatches.  Maybe we could drive seniors who formerly lived in Thetford to the klatches from places like Wheelock Terrace.  Wednesday, January 11th is the 3rd monthly coffee klatch.  The second one had 17 people, up from 13 people.  Those who attended the first klatch came back to the second.  Pril wrote up the details that need to be taken care of so that others can fill in for her.  Things are going well.

Jody suggested that we could visit former Thetford residents who now live in assisted living.

Old Business:

TEN Article in Town Report:  Dale will get the information to Tracy for the town report. This needs to happen ASAP as we are past the deadline.  No one told us about it.  Sue R will update her poster to put up at town meeting.

New Business:

Select Board Meeting Discussion.  Sue and Jody will talk with Ridge about whether it is possible to move TEN to OCT.

Linda told us how the West Fairlee Community Club handles their insurance.

Pril moved that as soon as possible we move the TEN money from OCT back to the town in a separate ledger.  Inge seconded the motion.  The motion passed with a majority vote.  Sue and Jody will talk with Jill

The next meeting is February 6th at the Latham Library at 10:00.

Jody adjourned the meeting at 11:55.

Respectfully submitted, Susan Gault, Secretary