Development Review Board (DRB)

The Development Review Board (DRB) is a five member quasi-judicial board appointed by the Select board. The DRB conducts hearings and issues decisions on all subdivision applications, certain zoning applications and appeals from actions of the Zoning Administrator. Regularly scheduled meeting dates are set for the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month unless there are no matters requiring hearings.  Agendas are posted on the bulletin board outside the zoning office, at local post offices and on the town list serve.  The Board has set DRB Rules of Procedure & Ethics that govern the process.

The zoning office encourages applicants to plan ahead for projects.  The reasons for this are that the zoning office is part-time, a hearing may be necessary and, due to public notice requirements, the application deadline in these cases can be well in advance of hearing dates.

The DRB currently has an Alternate Board Position Opening.  Letters of interest should be submitted to the Selectboard Assistant at


The Agenda is included within the calendar item under description. Minutes have been posted below.  Beginning with minutes form the August 9, 2016 hearing, minutes will now be stored in the google calendar above.  To locate minutes, click on the DRB Hearing link on the appropriate calendar day, once opened, click on “more details” and you will see a .pdf attachment for the minutes.  Minutes will be posted within 5 days of the hearing date.

Draft Minutes of 7/8/14 Hearing

Draft Minutes 7/22/14 Site
Visit and Hearing

Draft Minutes 8/12/14

DRAFT minutes 8/26/14 Hearing

Draft Minutes 9/9/14 Hearing

DRAFT Minutes 9/9/14 Site Visit

DRAFT Minutes 10/14/14 Hearing

DRAFT Minutes 11/19/14 Hearing

DRAFT minutes of 11.25.14 Hearing

DRAFT Meeting Mintues DRB Hearing 1/13/15

DRAFT Minutes 1/27 DRB Hearing

DRAFT Minutes 2.10.15 DRB Hearing

DRAFT DRB Site Visit Minutes 3.10.15

DRAFT DRB Hearing Minutes 3.10.15

DRAFT Hearing Minutes 4.14.15

DRAFT Minutes of 4.28.15 DRB Hearing

DRAFT Minutes of 5.12.15 DRB Hearing

DRAFT Minutes 5.26.15 DRB Hearing

DRAFT minutes 6.9.15 DRB Hearing

DRAFT minutes of 6.23.15 SITE VISIT Balagur Appeal

DRAFT minutes of 6.23.15 SITE VISIT Little Feet

DRAFT DRB minutes 6.23.15

DRAFT Minutes DRB Hearing of 7.14.15

DRAFT DRB minutes 7.28.15 Hearing

DRAFT DRB minutes 8.11.15 Hearing

DRAFT Minutes DRB Hearing 9.8.15


DRAFT Minutes DRB Hearing 10.13.15

DRAFT Minutes 11.24.15 Hearing REV

DRAFT Minutes 12.5.15 Site Visit

DRAFT minutes DRB Hearing 1-5-16

DRAFT minutes DRB Hearing 1.12.16

DRAFT DRB Hearing minutes 2.9.16

DRAFT Minutes of 02.22.16 Hearing

DRAFT Minutes DRB Hearing 3.8.16

DRAFT DRB Hearing minutes 4.12.16

DRAFT DRB Minutes 4.26.16 Hearing and Site Visit

DRAFT Mintues DRB Hearing 5.10.16

DRAFT Minutes Site Visit and DRB Hearing 05.24.16

DRAFT Minutes 6.14.16 DRB Hearing

DRAFT minutes 9.27.16 DRB Hearing