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Diane Osgood, Zoning Administrator

zoning@thetfordvt.gov  (802) 785-2922, ext.6

Zoning Office hours are Tuesdays, 9 am to 1 pm, and Thursdays, 9 am to 1 pm.

The Zoning Office is one of the departments of the Town of Thetford. All applications for land development, including construction and change of property lines, including subdivisions, are processed through the zoning office.

Your project may qualify for an agricultural exemption and in these cases a determination will now be made through the Department of Agriculture, using their online form.

Zoning Permit Applications may be obtained at the zoning office, on the wall outside the clerk’s office and from the list below. Approval of an application for a permitted use may be made by the zoning administrator. All conditional uses, variances, subdivisions and appeals of decisions by the zoning administrator must proceed through a hearing process.

Hearings are conducted by the Development Review Board (the DRB), which is made up of five citizens of the Town of Thetford who are appointed by the Selectboard. The DRB has regularly scheduled meetings on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings of the month. These meetings are open to the public.  If no hearings are scheduled, the DRB does not meet. These hearing are quasi-judicial in nature with decisions appealable to the State of Vermont Environmental Court. The zoning office provides support for the DRB and its hearings. See the DRB page and Calendar.  If your project falls within the Historic Preservation Overlay, the Historical Preservation Committee will review your project.

Zoning Office hours are Tuesdays, 9 am to 1 pm, and Thursdays, 9 am to 1 pm.  At this time, appointments are necessary, but calls and inquiries by email are welcomed. If you require a consult with the Zoning Administrator, please make an appointment.

All completed applications must be returned to the Thetford Town Office with the appropriate fee which may be determined from the Fee Schedule. Applications cannot be submitted by email. The zoning office will not act on incomplete applications. The applicant should familiarize himself/herself with the requirements set forth in the zoning ordinance, other pertinent ordinances and the subdivision regulations.

Forms and Information:

  1. Policy and Fees for Zoning Bylaw Violations
  2. Thetford Zoning Bylaw Effective 10-17-11
  3. Thetford Zoning Districts Effective 10-17-11
  4. Subdivision Regulations
  5. Driveway Permit Application
  6. Zoning Fee Schedule effective 7/2019
  7. Zoning Permit Application
  8. Flood Hazard Area Zoning Bylaw
  9. Wireless Telecommunication Bylaw
  10. Subdivision Application
  11. Annexation Form
  12. Thetford Street Naming and Addressing Ordinance 2014
  13. Notice of Intent – Agricultural Structure