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Thetford Recycling Center

Located at 4659 Vermont Route 113, Thetford Center, Vermont  05075

Recycling Flyer
Act 148 Universal Recycling Law

Saturdays 8:30 – Noon Year Round

Thetford Residents wishing to use the Town’s Recycling Center, for trash or recycling, must purchase a permit, currently $25. Permits are available at town hall during their regular business hours.

Trash Ticket Sales
Trash service is provided by More Waste Services, you may pay in cash or check or purchase punch cards from them at the Recycling Center each Saturday.

Recycling Center Crew Worker Position OpeningRead the Ad

Items Accepted for Recycling

Recycling options offered:

Scrap Metal Program: Any item that is at least 75% metal may be placed in the metal bin.
Glass Program:
—ANY colored glass beverage container (if possible remove caps)
—ANY colored glass food container (if possible remove caps)

 -ceramics, pyrex,porcelain with other parts removed and window glass
x Headlights
x Thermometers
x Incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs
x Plastics
x Asphalt
x Excessive Rocks or Dirt
x Wood
x Aluminum/ Tinx Ceramics (plates, coffee mugs)
“Anything That Rips” Program:
—Brown Paper bags
—Chipboard (box board) (e.g. cereal boxes, shoe boxes, etc.)
—Computer paper
—Corrugated cardboard
—Egg cartons (paper)
—Fax paper
—Hard cover books (with covers removed)
—Junk mail (with plastics removed)
— Milk cartons
x Carbon paper
x Blue prints
x Plastic bags (any kind)
x Tyvek envelopes
x Food contaminated products
x Gift wrap (any kind- Christmas, birthday, wedding, etc.)
Plastic & Tin Program 
—#1 – #7 plastic bottles
—Steel and tin food containers
—Aluminum food containers
X Feed bags
x Shopping bags
X Pellet Bags
Aluminum Beverage Cans:
All aluminum beverage cans that are NOT redeemable
x No Take-out containers
x No Pie Tins
x No Cat Food Cans
Items that are still functional and in good shape (tools, toys, books) can be left for others to pick up and use. NO CLOTHING, FURNITURE, or BROKEN ITEMS will be accepted, as the Town of Thetford must pay to dispose of anything that does not find a home.
$.05 redeemables may be placed in the bins located at the recycling house or by the comingle bins.  Glass redeemables may be put in the boxes provided.
Packing peanuts and bubble wrap can be put in the recycling house for re-use.