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Town Hall Phone: #(802) 785-2922 Fax: #(802) 785-2031
Mailing Address: Thetford Town Offices 3910 Vermont Route 113 P.O. Box 126 Thetford Center, VT 05075
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CITIZEN’S GUIDE TO THETFORD, VERMONT Thetford is a town made up of five and a half villages on the Connecticut River, where the East and West Branches of the Ompompanoosuc River collect the watershed from hills descending from the ridges running north of the White River to the Green Mountains. About 2,500 people cohere around those villages, mostly in the lower reaches of these hills. About half of the working townspeople work in town, with the others mostly commuting about 20 minutes to the south to the business centers in Hanover and Lebanon, NH.

The small size of the individual villages gives Thetford a very small-town feel, even as it has grown to the size where other more centralized newcomers alongside long-time residents for 250 years, as Dartmouth College, a major local employer, has been around for about the same amount of time, producing something close to a consistent ratio of newcomers to oldtimers for eight generations. If you are new to town, you’ll likely find these communities enjoy a diversity of the old and new.

This Citizen’s Guide is designed to give people an quick overview of how the community and its government work, hopefully, encouraging involvement and better enjoyment.



Thetford is run by its voters. They elect a Selectboard of five members that acts collectively as the town’s law making body. No one Selectboard member has the power to make a major decision without first getting a majority of the Selectboard to agree on the matter in a public meeting.

To help it govern the town, the Selectboard appoints people to a series of committees that deal with specific topics, such as conservation, energy, elder network, development, planning, and recreation. These committees will often directly control specific issues while coming back to the Selectboard for some key decisions.   These committees will elect a chair each year after the Town Meeting.

Any member of the public has a legal right to be present at the committee’s meetings and to have an opportunity to provide input to the body for consideration.

The Selectboard will designate specific members as liaisons to committees, please see Selectboard Webpage.


In addition to the Selectboard and the town committees, there are several independently elected offices, a few appointed by the state, and several hired town employees.

The townspeople directly elect several important people. The Selectboard does not have a direct control over their management. These include the Town Moderator who runs the annual meeting; the Town Clerk, who records documents and other duties; the Town Treasurer, who is responsible for town accounting, collecting taxes, processing revenue, and paying the town expenditures, the Listers, who set the assessed value of all real property in town so that it can be taxed fairly, and Collector of Delinquent Taxes, who addresses unpaid property tax issues.

The Selectboard hires staff to fill the roles of the Department of Public Works (DPW), Zoning Administrator, Recreation Coordinator, Recycling Coordinator, Selectboard Assistant, and others to support the town operations.

The Thetford School District is administered by its own School Board that has authority independent of the town, although it still falls under town governance as any other corporation or land owner would.   The School Board has its own elections, its own annual meeting and asks voters to approve taxes for its own separate funds.



Issue Needing Attention Contact Person/Department Best Contact
Animal Control Stuart Rogers
Cemeteries Cemetery Commission
Delinquent Taxes Mary Danner Pomeroy
Dog Enforcement Issue Stuart Rogers
Dog, Ferret & Wolf Hybrids Licenses Tracy Borst, Town Clerk
Dump/Recycling Permits Tracy Borst, Town Clerk
Elections/Voting/Running for Office Tracy Borst, Town Clerk
Emergency Management Mariah Whitcomb
Fire Warden Chad Whitcomb
Food Shelf Laurie Ingalls, Town Service Officer
General Selectboard
Help for Businesses Selectboard
Land Records Tracy Borst, Town Clerk
Land Use Issues Mary Ellen Parkman, Zoning Administrator
Police Matters Chief Michael Evans #(802) 785-2200,
Property Valuations Janet Stowell, Listers
Recreation Programs  Nathan Maxwell
Recycling Center Coordinator  Sally Bugg
Road Issues Chad Martin, Dept. of Public Works
State Road Issues Tammy Ellis, AOT Manager
Tax Payments & Finances Jill Graff, Town Treasurer
Town Policies/Ordinance Issues Selectboard
Tri-Town Commission James Dixon
Volunteer Opportunities Selectboard


THETFORD LISTSERV An online e-mail forum called the Thetford Listserv allows for announcements and other activities throughout Thetford. The listserv has no official relationship with the Town Governance.




Elected and Appointed Officials Pages


[term expires in “( )”]

Cemetery Commissioners – 3 year
Sam Eaton (‘18) 333-9232
Mark McMahon (‘19) 603-667-0335
Richard Landry (’20) 802-356-9664
Collector of Delinquent Taxes – 3 year
Mary Dan Pomeroy (‘20) 785-2922
DPW Foreman
Chad Martin 785-4679
Justices of the Peace – 2 year
Richard Balagur 785-4514
Robin Brown 333-4727
Cathee Clement 785-2668
Wendy Cole 785-2698
Bill Huff 785-4640
Bill Keegan 333-9372
Rick Maynard 333-9130
Sherry Merrick 333-9598
Greg Kasten 785-2970
Janet Shepler 785-2431
Listers – 3 year
Denise Adams (‘18) 785-2922
Diane Osgood (‘20) 785-2922
Janet Stowell (‘19) 785-2922
Representatives for Orange-Windsor
Tim Briglin 785-2414
James Masland 785-4146
School Directors – 2 & 3 year
Julie Acker (‘20) 785-2449
Charlie Buttrey (‘18) 785-4005
Shannon Darrah, Chair (‘19) 649-1505
Kristen Downey (‘18)
Scott McPhee (‘19) 333-4492
School Moderator – 1 year
Mark McMahon (‘18) 603-667-0335


Selectboard – 2 & 3 year
James Dixon (‘19) 785-4223
Jessica Eaton, (’18) 333-9491
Lilian Shen (’18) 785-4950
Doug Stone (’20)  785-2140
Stuart Rogers, Chair (‘19) 785-4392
Martie Moses, Selectboard Assistant – Appointed
Senator-Orange County
Mark MacDonald 433-5867
Sheriff of Orange County
Bill Bohnyak 685-4875
Town Clerk – 3 year
Tracy Borst (‘19) 785-2922
Town Moderator – 1 year
Mark McMahon (‘18) 603-667-0335
Town Treasurer– 3 year
Jill Graff (‘20) 785-2922
Trustees of Trust Funds – 3 year
Elmer Brown (‘20) 785-2167
J. Rick Hoffman (‘19) 785-2438
Joe Tofel (‘18) 649-1434





Animal Control Officer

Stuart Rogers (‘18) 785-4392
Assistant Town Clerk
Lori Magoon 785-2922
Assistant Treasurer
Rebecca Buchanan 785-2922
Conservation Commission
Jason Berard (‘18) 333-4302
Libby Chapin (‘18) 333-9308
Ann Lavanway, Sec (‘18) 785-9814
Steven Lehman (‘18) 785-4241
Robert Pulaski, Trsr (‘17) 333-4627
Li Shen, Chair (‘17) 785-4950
Jeff Smith (‘18) 785-2615
Connie Snyder (‘18) 785-2729
Development Review Board
Jesse Anderson (‘17) 917-407-5116
Bill Bridge (‘17) 785-2964
Don Longwell (‘18) 785-4971
Sean Mullen, Chair (‘18) 785-4373
Tim Taylor (‘18) 333-4455
Emergency Management Director
Mariah Whitcomb 802-291-1445
Energy Committee
Ellen Blumberg (‘18) 785-9883
Marc Chabot (‘18) 785-4459
Chris Hebb (‘16) 333-9689
Michael Kiess (‘16) 785-2438
Manny Grewal (‘16) 333-3292
Joel Legunn (‘18) 785-3041
Alice Stewart (‘17) 785-3087
Bob Walker, Chair (‘17) 785-4126
Fire Warden
Chad Whitcomb (‘19) 333-4123
Greater UV Solid Waste District Representative
Ben Bradley (‘16) 785-4245
Jim Masland, Alt (‘16) 785-4146
Health Officer
Alford Stone (‘19) 785-4503
Marshall Van Norden (‘17) 333-4574


Historic Preservation Committee
Stephen Branchflower (‘17) 785-2667
John Hall, Chair (‘16) 333-4077
Roney Hoffman (‘17) 785-2438
Doug Miller, Sec (‘16) 802-299-6458
Planning Commission
Liz Ryan Cole (‘17) 785-4124
Jason Crance (‘18)
Patricia Norton (‘16) 785-4740
Kevin O’Hara, Chair (‘16) 333-4846
Michael Schunk (‘16) 785-2574
Jamie Thaxton (‘18) 785-4222
Dean Whitlock (‘16) 785-2012
Police Department
Michael Evans, Police Chief 785-2200
Stuart Rogers, Patrol Officer 785-2200
Recreation Advisory Council
Andrew Davis, Chair (‘17) 333-9557
Deb Dixon, Sec. (‘17) 785-4363
Sara Ecker (‘16)
Marla Ianello (‘17) 785-2912
Douglas Kennedy (‘17) 785-3175
Jeff Vaughan (‘17) 785-9839
Mike Wells, V Chair (‘16) 785-4731
Treasure Island Manager
Nathan Maxwell Recreation Director 785-2922
Recreation Director
 Nathan Maxwell 785-2922
Road Commissioner
Senior & Affordable Housing Committee
Betty Campbell (‘16) 785-2407
David Fisk (‘16) 333-9607
Dale Gephart, (‘17) 333-9748
Scott Hesser (‘17) 617-285-0688
Manny Grewal (‘16) 333-3292
Mark McMahon, Chair (‘17) 603-667-0335
Heinz Trebitz (‘17) 785-2129
Thetford Elder Network
Jody Biddle, Chair 785-4508
Betty Campbell 785-2407
Martha Daum 785-4274
Sue Gault, Secretary 785-2805
Dale Gephart, V Chair 333-9748
Priscilla (Pril) Hall 333-4077


Thetford Elder Network (continued)
Cathy Newbury 785-3136
Susan Rump 785-4029
Inge Trebitz 785-2129
Town Service Officer
Laurie Ingalls (‘17) 785-3190
Tree Warden
Tri Town Commission
James Dixon 785-4223
Ridge Satterthwaite
Renee Snow
Two Rivers-Ottauquechee RPC
Jim Masland, (‘16) 785-4146
Upper Valley Ambulance
Robin Pettingill (‘16) 333-9882
Zoning Administrator – 3 year
Mary Ellen Parkman (‘18) 785-2922

Notaries Public

Karin Bonnett 785-2543
Mike Brown 785-4536
Wendy Cole 785-2698
Kate Cone 785-2964
Lynn J. Daley 785-4336
Emily S. Davis 649-2729
Dana C. Grossman 785-4074
Daniel F. Grossman 785-4074
Mary M. Hathorn 333-9176
Lynn Irwin 785-4581
Rick Maynard 333-9130
Kathy McQueen 785-4493
Diane C. Osgood 522-9376
Gloria Thurston 785-4805
Susie Weider 785-4014


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