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Vision Statement

‘Thetford Senior and Affordable Housing enables members of our community, of all ages, to remain in Thetford in the face of changing conditions or circumstances. We wish to allow people to stay in their homes as long as possible.   Then, when they otherwise would have to leave home due to limitations of age, medical requirements, disability, lack of family support, or reduced income – dwelling units will be available to meet their needs and will be within their means.

Thetford senior and affordable housing should be integrated into the life of the community, and help balancing values such as self-reliance, privacy, thrift, and access to needed services including health care.

Housing supported by the Thetford community promotes a diversity of backgrounds, interests, aspirations and income levels that represents a cross section of Thetford.’

Over the last six years, the Committee’s site search has focused on East Thetford as it appears to be the most suitable place for senior and affordable housing. East Thetford provides a variety of services such as transportation,banks, stores, and post office as well as a restaurant. Also, medical services are available in the near vicinity. Since January 2016, the Community Nurse has been working from an office in East Thetford .

In 2016 SAHC pursued a potential building site in East Thetford but dropped further activities because of site limitations and cost. During the last month’ we re-visited the Osgood Site in East Thetford. Negotiations with the owner resulted in an acceptable price and the committee decided to recommend the purchase of the property by the Town of Thetford, the cost to be funded by the Poor Trust, the Town’s VCDP grant (Vermont Community Development Project), and OCT (Ompompanoosuc Community Trust).

Presently, SAHC is seeking help from the Tuck School of Business to develop a business model for a Thetford Senior and Affordable Housing Project. With a Town owned building site and a housing business model in hand, SAHC can start again applying for developing grants as well as engineering and architectural plans for the site. Respective support and services are expected to come from Twin Pines Housing Trust (TPHT).

SAHC continues to rely on the Ompompanoosuc Community Trust Inc. (OCT) as its fiscal sponsor. OCT has a memorandum of understanding in place with SAHC and the Town allowing OCT to raise funds on behalf of SAHC through tax deductible donations.

Members of the Thetford Senior and Affordable Housing Committee met on a monthly schedule and more frequently as needed.

Committee members are:

Betty Campbell, David Fisk, Dale Gephart, Manohar Grewal, Scott Hesser, Mark McMahon (Chair), and Heinz Trebitz.

Respectfully submitted – Jan. 08, 2017

Heinz Trebitz