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The Thetford Hill Historic Preservation Committee is an advisory body ready to assist property owners with issues of historic preservation within the Thetford Hill Historic District. The committee consists of five members who serve without compensation and are appointed by the Thetford Town Select Board who shall make every effort to appoint persons who have demonstrated an interest, competence or knowledge in historic preservation.

It is intended that a majority of members be professionals from the disciplines of history, archeology, architectural history, architecture and historical architecture but members representing other historic preservation related disciplines, such as urban planning, American studies, cultural geography or anthropology, and building trades are also encouraged as are members from the lay community at large.

If possible at least one member of the committee should be a resident from within the area designated as the Historic Overlay.

All members serve a term of four years commencing on the first Tuesday in January. Any vacancy occurring in a position for any reason other than the expiration of the term is to be filled by appointment by the Select Board for the remainder of the term. The Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Development Review Board and works with the Zoning Administrator. Such is the definition of who we are and what we do.

Historic Preservation Committee

Stephen Branchflower

Doug Miller

                Catherine Saunders