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Thetford Conservation Commission Logo
  • Sue Fritz, Co- Chair
  • Ann Lavanway, Co-Chair
  • Jim McCracken, Vice-Chair
  • Bob Pulaski, Treasurer Liaison
  • Sue Tallman, Secretary
  • Libby Chapin
  • Steve Lehman
  • Jeffrey Smith

“You don’t own the land. The land has come from forever and is going to forever. The house that I own was built over two hundred years ago, and with a little luck will be here well over two hundred years from now. So I’m living in it but I don’t consider it to be precisely mine. I’m simply living there. There’s a certain degree of stewardship in most things.” Howard Mansfield, The Same Ax, Twice

Meets on the second Wednesday of each month, at 7:00PM at the Town Hall.

What Does the Conservation Commission Do?

Our commission is interested in many issues and to better inform our neighbors of our purpose we would like to list some of the most significant and long-lasting work we are or would like to be involved in.

  • Promoting the establishment of local conservation funds for land conservation work.
  • Being stewards of municipal lands.
  • Inventorying the natural and cultural resources in our town so we know what is most important to conserve before it is too late.
  • Promoting the local economy of the working landscape.
  • Encouraging a land ethic and respect for all living things with whom we share our communities.
  • Creating opportunities for townspeople to recreate and celebrate living more closely with the land.
  • Participating in local planning, zoning, and developement review.
  • Working to prevent or stop polluting activities.

We encourage any Thetford resident who would like to work on these types of projects to contact us or attend our monthly meetings on the second Wednesday of each month, at 7:00PM at the Town Hall.

Thetford Conservation Commission By-Laws

pdf iconWalking Guide of Thetford

Town Parcels:

Hughes Forest Conservation Easement

Post Mills Natural Area Conservation Easement
Request for Trail or Other Alteration on Thetford Town Property

Forest Stand and Land Feature Maps:

Hughes Forest

Post Mills Nature Area

Town Forest

Wetland Inventory Map (10 MB)


Report on Ompompanoosuc Water Tests – Summer 2006

Report on Ompompanoosuc Water Tests – Summer 2007

Audubon Vermont Forest Bird and Habitat Assessment of Town Parcels

Ompompanoosuc Phase I Geomorphic Assessment Report – 2009

Ompompanoosuc Phase I Geomorphic Assessment Appendix – 2009

Invasive Exotic Plants & Native Alternatives

Conservation Project Assistance

Thetford Wetland Inventory 2011 (3MB)

Ompompanoosuc River Corridor Plan 2011 (32MB)

Ompompanoosuc RCP_AppendixA 2011

Ompompanoosuc RCP_AppendixB 2011 (21 MB)

Ompomp RCP_AppendixC 2011 (14 MB)

Garlic Mustard CONTROL Thetford

Forest Observations Descriptions and Prescriptions for Thetford August 2008 (2)

Thetford Land Management Plan August 2008

MAP All location August 2008